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Details for the Journeyman Electrician 2011 Exams HERE
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This 2011 National Electrical Code NEC website presents educational support content for use by anyone seeking to improve their knowledge of the 2011 NEC. Significant changes from the 2008 NEC to this new code are listed to be used by students of the code, working electricians, electrical inspectors, electrical contractors, and electrical designers as a checklist for further study. The 2011 NEC includes current requirements for electrical installations. It is used as an electrical inspection tool by governmental agencies. A brief explanation of changes is provided but the final authority in all cases if the 2011 NEC text as published by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA. This collection of information on this website has no connection with, nor is sponsored by the NFPA. It is exclusively the product of an electrical instructor, David U. Larson.

Follow the navigation buttons above to access links to changes from the 2008 NEC, code definitions, theory references, calculations, practice exams, digital downloads, various electrical workbooks, free stuff to do, and to see a schedule for the next 2014 NEC.

Educational content presented here will help the electrical apprentice, journeyman electrician, master electrician, and electrical inspector with exam preparation to obtain electrical licenses by examination. Test your knowledge of theory, math and code. Numerous exercises are presented to strengthen understanding of electrical formulas, electrical theory calculations, NEC code calculations, technical vocabulary literacy, reading speed and reading comprehension and memorization of frequently uses aspects of the electrical trade.

Additional educational support content is provided for electrical theory from ElectricianEducation.com and electrical calculations from ElectricianMath.com. Most content is free to use. A few items are for sale to include practice exams but most website content is free for all to use. All content on this website is copyleft meaning not copyrighted. Have at it. Pump those neurons. The more you learn, the more you can learn.

There is nothing of a "How To" nature included in this website. If you have electrical work that needs to be done, call a licensed electrician. If the repairs are minor, you may want to do a bit of background education so you can understand what your electrical professional tells you. Here are some sources of general information of use to a home owner:



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